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Play baccarat for free on Baccarat.Guide. This baccarat game gives you $1,000 in free chips to play just for fun. There is no real money value attached to these chips. If you loose the $1,000 in chips you can refresh the page as many times as you like and you'll receive an additional $1,000 in chips each time so you can play baccarat for hours with no risk of losing any money. Enjoy!

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Baccarat Rules

The dealer starts by dealing our 4 cards, two cards to the player's hand and two cards to the banker's hand. If either the player or bank get an 8 or a 9 then this is a natural 8 or natural 9 and no more cards are dealt. The hand with the higher score automatically wins when natural 8's and natural 9's are dealt on the first two cards.

How to Play Baccarat

Playing this game is rather simple. You can bet on either the player's hand or the banker's hand. The banker's hand has a slight advantages. While it is very low (less than 1%) the casino charges a "commission" for banker hands, usually 5%.